Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I have been blogging about the closing of my shop but noone actually knows it so I guess more than blogging it has been keeping a journal. I can't decide now what to do with it.
Do I tell my regulars and let them see what I have been thinking? Do I tell other people that don't know me on links from other blogs and websites? Do I really want to maintain this and use it to communicate with people that I have come to be friends with that were my clients? I would love to be writing about food and food events in this part of northeast Florida. Do I use the blog to start this process, to get my name out there?

It is a hard decision but I think I know what I want to do...

I want to tell everyone what I am doing, where they can find me, how they can see what I think is going on in this area. Things I would generally share with people when they came to pick up dinner, or when I sent out the weekly email. But it also feels like you are letting people in to your thoughts, anyone and everyone. Therefore a huge leap of faith.

Well I guess I don't have to decide right now.