Monday, June 2, 2008

Farmer's Market

If you haven't been to the Neptune Beach Farmer's Market, then you are truly missing out. (Aside from the fact that we all KNOW we have to support it to keep it!)

Last weekend I went with my youngest and had a ball. He beelined to the GIANT sunflowers despite the fact that we have 8 about to bloom in our side yard. He carried that around the rest of the time and it kept him happy. I was thrilled to buy that vs something at the Dollar Spot at Target. It is still standing tall in the living room right now (and I will not curse it one day when I step on it!)

At the same farm stand I purchased large patty pan squash, green and purple green beans and cucumbers. I recognized the patty pans bc they are used in fine dining restaurants a lot. The only difference is they are usually smaller than a ping pong ball - about 2 bites. I took a chance though, since I never ate the larger variety and they might be tough or bitter. More on that later!

We continued around, purchasing desserts from Annie Clyde's (call it scouting the competition), peaches from another stand and talking to various friends and market-goers. You should also talk to Gretchen about getting on their email so you get their market report each week. She is doing a great job holding it all together despite the fact that someone in the neighborhood is fighting against the Community Garden. Can you imagine? No really, don't you dare put fresh flowers, herbs and vegetables in the local park near my house. What will that do to my home value?

For dinner we were making it very simple. Todd was grilling flank steak with some chimichurri on the side (Argentinian rough chopped parsley and garlic compote sort of a thing), grilled corn and grilled patty pan squash. The steak was great, the corn - perfect but the squash, well it stole the show. Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper grilled over real charcoal. (I must mention that it was NOT over-grilled, which is similar to overcooking green beans and therefore making mush) It HAS to be the fact that the squash was SO fresh bc it was SO local. Todd plans on going back with me this week - even if just to thank them!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

What am I doing now?

Now I have a job - a non food job - and that is just fine. I work 30 hours a week and someone writes me a paycheck. End of story.

BUT I still love the food world. I still keep up with the scene so I think I will start keeping track here on this blog. So when someone is trying to figure out what's new and fun in northeast Florida, they can check out where I have been lately. Plus I still have friends in the business, still keep up with the places around town. Maybe some of my old clients will stop by to check in and say hi. I may not have the spot on the corner anymore but we can still use this as an outpost to share.

WELCOME,WELCOME, come in and have a Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Year

Things are moving forward - slower than I expected but forward.

I don't want to get too ahead of myself but am looking forward to starting a new chapter here.

As soon as things resolve with the business I am going to start blogging consistently. And hopefully tell someone I am doing it.

Getting there - one step at a time!