Sunday, November 11, 2007

More rantings

I never did finish the last post. I was actually beginning to feel pretty good about my decision. I can go back to the business if I ever so desire (although it looks pretty bleak). I cannot go back to my kids being 5 and 8 years old. So many people were sypathizing or even praising me for putting my family first. Everything is moving in the right direction. And it still is but I have a new thorn in my side that is bugging me during a 3 day weekend. ( I might as well close for Veterans Day - it's not like it will be the day that saves the bank account.) Mostly I am hoping if I write this out, I will feel some relief and will go to enjoy the Jag game with my friends at the club.

I got a voicemail (that I can check at home bc it is Vonage) that I should have left until Tuesday but I listened anyway over the internet. My client that picked up crab cakes on Friday was not happy and needs to talk to me. I know the problem. They were smaller than she expected and cost too much. I sypathize with her really. I have been to Costco, Walmart even Fresh Market. They have good prices that I cannot compete with. They buy for so much cheaper than I can. I might as well be buying from another retail store and trying to compete with the same place with my final product. It is the Walmartization of the country and there is nothing anyone can do to save the small independents. All you can hope is that they see the writing on the wall and get out. Like me. I had no choice.

Another problem is I use good crabmeat and little filler. They are small but they are tasty. But people don't want quality they want quantity - supersized product. My husband says to tell her that next time I will use fake crabmeat and they will be bigger. I won't do that. I will explain in the nicest way possible. And maybe even tell her this is why I am leaving the business. Not enough people who want quality. I also oversympathize because I don't want to think that the silly crabcakes ruined the evening but chances are that's all they talked about. Goodness people need to get off the "complaining is fun" bus. But then I think about my regulars - they deserve someone to take care of them.

I am far too sensitive. I need to be a hardass. It isn't working for me. I guess that's the reason why I am getting out. Actually ANOTHER reason I am getting out. Good thing I have someplace to keep track of it all.

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